Icons & Illustrations

You can download icons, functional icons and illustration in our Media Hub.
If you need access to the Media Hub or if you see the need for a new asset you can contact our Communication manager.

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We have two different kinds of icons. The complex and highly detailed versions are brand assets that have capacity to visualise and therefore represent different parts of the BoKlok brand. Examples: sustainability, wood and house. These are referred to simply as “icons”.


Functional icons

The functional icons are used to help guide the user. They need to be as recognizable as possible. They are primarily used on our website to support the user when navigating the site. Examples: “magnifying glass” indicates search functionality, a plus illustrates an addition of something.

Functional icons


Illustration examples

Our illustrations follows the same idea and style as our icons. They are bigger and even more complex than their smaller alternatives. Illustrations will be added to the mediahub continuously.


Made in wood

The wood texture is a representation of the work that BoKlok does. It represents the sustainable model and the proximity to nature that our homes often have. It reminds the receiver of what material we primarily use to build our homes. It should be used primarily when talking about our homes and our company itself


Choosing the correct pattern

Small pattern

This version should primarily be used on printed, larger pieces like tapestries or wallpapers. It's the most complex version pattern and is not suited to be rendered in small sizes.


Medium pattern

Medium is the most versatile size, it can be used as background images on websites, banners, smaller A-format print etc. Medium size is the default size and should be used most frequent.


Large pattern

Large doesn’t contain a lot of detail, it’s optimized for small artboards such as an instagram post or a thumbnail.




Use the horizontal version when the width is bigger than the height.



Use vertical pattern when the height is bigger than the width.




When cropping the wood pattern, use the correct source material for your orientation. If your orientation is a 1:1 format, both horizontal and vertical patterns can be used.


Event theme

The event theme are used when we want to make a splash at big gatherings and expos. It can be a good tool for creating a fun and inviting environment as well as helping out with cohesive visuals when attracting attendees and potential customers.

It’s created to stand out amongst a crowd and works best when displaying short snippets of information. For longer, complex information use our standard layouts. Remember that standing out doesn't only mean being the loudest, most colourful participant. It can also mean being knowledgeable, approachable, and memorable in a positive way.


Ask our Communication manager for templates and guidlines for the event theme.