It's afternoon and you're on your way home. It's spring and still a little bit chilly but you don't need a jacket. The sun has begun to set ever so slightly and your surroundings are enriched by a warm, golden light. You put the key into the door of your home, open and your children come running. That's when our pictures are taken.

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The feeling

A "Welcome home" concept. Pictures are taken at a time when the residents come home from work and school. Preferably during the so-called "golden hour" when the sun generates long soft shadows and the room is filled with a warm palette of colors.

The light should feel natural – the white balance should be experienced as neutral to warm.


The motif

A fly on the wall feeling.


People are welcome to be seen in the picture even when they are not the primary motive. This applies to both 3D rendering and photography.


The balance is important, the focus should be on the offer – the accommodation.


Feel free to experiment with shutter speeds for alternative images. We appreciate a little movement in our imagery, it can help us stay focused on the offer. Try to stay above 1/60 sec since anything lower tends to become too smeared.


  • Always use as low ISO value as possible.
  • Try to use middle range aperture (f/5.6 and above). Avoid extreme bokeh.
  • Natural focal length (around 28-50 mm). Avoid wide angle.
  • Do not take photos from extreme angles, we prefer eye level most of the time.
  • Avoid unnatural and colored light.
  • Avoid flash generated shadows.
  • Use a high dynamic range, we often want to show our outdoor environments through the home's windows.
  • All of our photos should be in color.

Best practises for imagery


White balance

Keep the light natural to warm, avoid cold light in imagery.




Never use low resolution photos.




Try to save detail in all dark or black areas




Maintain the feeling of being a fly on the wall but not having people look directly at the camera.




Try to save detail in all light areas, refrain from actively burning out windows.




Do not take photos frpm extreme angels, we prefer eye level most of the time.




Try to use middle range aperture (f/5.6-f/11). Avoid extreme bokeh.


Focal length

Focus length

Try to use natural looking focal lengths. Refrain from using wide angle lenses except for when it´s absolutely necessary.


Colored lights

Coloured lights

Avoid unnatural and coloured lights.


Portraâ• êtt_2


Always try avoid heavy shadows, especially important when shooting photos of people.


Portrait photography

All of our employee portraits should be shot in similar style. That includes everything from lighting, white balance, use of background, positioning and angles and clothing. Many of our guidelines for photography are also applicable when shooting portraits of BoKlok employees. The use of a more shallow depth of field can be applied if needed. We want our employee portraits to be in a somewhat work related setting. Contact our Communication manager if you need guideance regarding settings.


Are you having your portrait taken?

Consider using toned-down single coloured clothing. Clothes with complex patterns, big prints or strong colours will stand out in an undesirable way.